About La Garita

One of the best reasons to visit Costa Rica is the sheer amount of natural beauty you'll find throughout the country.  And if the natural world is one of the main reasons you want to see Costa Rica, La Garita lets you get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife and stunning Costa Rica flowers.

La Garita isn't difficult to get to, it's located just a half hour drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport, however, this little gem has remained largely undiscovered by tourists, although it's a favorite destination for many Costa Rican locals.

If you want to see all the biodiversity in Costa Rica for yourself, La Garita is the place for you.  One of the main attractions is Zoo Ave, a rehabilitation center for local wildlife.  The zoo's mission is to save endangered species by taking animals in, caring for them, breeding them, and then helping them return to nature.  Visitors are welcome to stroll along the zoo's shady walking paths and see wildlife, which includes monkeys, birds, reptiles, and big cats, more than 130 species in all.  The zoo also has a learning center where visitors can learn about the animals native to Costa Rica, as well as the zoo's mission.

Corn is also a popular item in La Garita.  Scientists actually move to La Garita for the sole purpose of researching maize.

Costa Rica's weather is perfect for growing many different kinds of plants and flowers, and La Garita boasts numerous plant nurseries as well as a stunning orchid garden.  If you're a flower enthusiast, don't miss the Botanical Orchid Garden.  This garden, which stands on the site where a coffee plantation used to operate contains numerous different types of orchids as well as trees and other plants native to Costa Rica.

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